Finding a Good GP for your Family

A general practitioner knows how critical it is for him to get to know you and your family. Of course, finding a good GP can be difficult especially if you and your family recently relocated to a new area.  If you or a member of your family happen to have a health issue, your GP will be the first person to attend to your need and that of your family. Your GP can also recommend a specialist who may be in a better position to handle your needs.

The role of a GP doctor in the lives of you and your family cannot be overemphasized. You see from time to time you and your family need to go to the clinic for check-ups and when you get there, a GP will be the one to run a series of test to see if you and your family are in good health. Your GP can also be of help to you especially when it comes to things like- mental health, immunization, childhood checks, advice on wellbeing and many more.

One such GP clinic is that from Acumed Medical Group. They have clinics all over Singapore in residential areas and have a wide range of medical facilities to attend to your varying needs. If you are serious about getting a good GP for your family, you should visit their site as linked above.

Importance of finding a good GP for your family

Every family has specific needs, so when looking for a GP you have to ensure that he will be able to cater to the needs of your family comfortably. Also, the relationship between you and your GP needs to be on a personal level, therefore, it is important that you find someone that you are comfortable with and can trust. Before picking a doctor as your GP, you have to be sure that he understands the needs of your family.

Will one GP be able to handle the needs of your entire family?

A GP has the training and expertise to cater to the needs of people of different ages. So, having a single GP for your entire family is a good idea.  But in some circumstances, you might need more than one GP, such that one GP will handle the needs of your children, and another GP will handle your needs. Having a GP that specializes in children’s health, adolescence health, and women’s health is something you should give thought to. You see, because of the fact that they are specialist they will be able to provide better care for your children as they grow up.

In all, when it comes to picking a GP you don’t have to settle for just one, for the reason that he might not be able to meet up with all your needs.

Regardless of how many GP you have, it is important that you maintain a warm and long-term relationship with them.

Finding a good GP

As mentioned earlier, finding a good GP that will be able to handle the needs of your family can be difficult. Below are some questions you need to think deeply about when looking for a GP.

  • Do you have to make an appointment in order to see him? If yes, how do you go about making it?
  • Can I afford the fees of the GP?
  • When is the GP normally open? Is the time he opens suitable for you and your family?
  • How far is the GP practice? Can you get there on foot? Is there space for packing there? Is there a commercial transport close by?

You can find answers to some of this questions by visiting your prospective GP, better still, you could visit their website and to find out more about them.

Finding a good GP can be a difficult endeavor, but if you apply some of the tips in this article you will be able to find a GP that will suit your needs.

Different Methods of Solving Math Problems


In the past everyone will remember how it was during math class; you watched the teacher solve a sum on the board and did your best to understand it and then copy down the exact method with a fear that is the method was wrong you would not get a good grade during exams. However, the same method of solving a math problem wasn’t always the right method for everyone. This is what math enrichment centres are beginning to understand today. These centres test the child in advance so as to know the level at which they currently are and they help them choose a method of solving problems that is most suited to the students. Here are a few methods of solving math problems that your child will likely learn if enrolled in a math enrichment centre.

Problem Solving Strategy

This method is used in the case of word problems. The child asks a series of questions and finds those answers in the word problem provided and is able to solve the sum easily. The questions that the child asks includes

  1. What is known or given?
  2. What information do you need?
  3. Draw a diagram or a picture that represents the problem.

Solution Strategy

In this method the child will first label the variables in the sum. They then move forward to make a verbal model with the use of logical reasoning. This is then converted into an algebraic model which can be solved and the answer can be checked.

Solving Word Problems

Word problems can be solved in a number of ways. Another method for solving word problems includes the child identifying what is being asked; strategize what is needed for that sum; write down the equation; answer the question and then recheck.

Guess and Check Strategy

In this method the sum can be solved mentally and you guess the answer this is then checked to see if it matches the requirements.

Find a Pattern

This method is usually used at the intermediate level where there are questions that require you to guess what the next number in the series will be or to choose the shape that would come next. In these types of sums it is essential that the child finds the right pattern or relationship in the series.

Opposed to popular belief all these methods are equally right when it comes to solving math problems.

Why Kindergarten Education Makes A Difference To The Child

The why factor

It all starts with the many parents who say that early education indeed is an obstacle to the growth of a happy kid. Most parents feel that kindergarten school is like stuffing the kid with books and knowledge. However, this is a misconception. Gone are the days where students are suddenly bombarded with alphabets to phonetics and numeric to language. The current education system has evolved from a phase of studying to fun learning.

It helped the early school education or the kindergarten schools to gain a lot of prominence when it comes to helping kids acquire an overall development. Many scientific councils from across the globe proved from their study on child development that a child can grasp things and acquire complex skills at the tender preschool age rather than the later. This clearly mentions that basic education with strong foundation and ease of learning should be started at the right age.

Impact on children –

Children will always find an ocean of opportunities from nowhere. If you leave them in the empty field of mud, they make toys. If you put them together without stimuli, they’ll create their own game and have a blas. Enroll them into a class of adults and they draw attention. Every possible corner of their mind is made out exceptionally creative and covered with skills. As a parent and as a teacher, it is your responsibility to sharpen that creativity and un-cover their skills to push them into the world and let them stand always a cut above the rest.

And when does one do that? At every stage and phase of a kid’s life. Understanding the change in scenarios and system of education, one should be open to the abundant options available in helping the system to transform these kids to better citizens tomorrow. In the early days, early education was limited to learning things from books and presenting it in an assessment. No! Nowadays, to learn the basic ABCs is also made fun and effective so that the student learns something from their class at the end of the day.

Practices that are making a difference –

Most schools make it a part of their curriculum to have a syllabus that helps them to compete with the life the kids are going to face in future. The day starts with a nice meditation and a little exercise. It rejuvenates and removes that little lazy feeling a morning holds. Then, slowly, the class starts with something creative like an art – it could be singing, dancing or even painting. It helps the kid get prepared for the lessons they are going to take up for the rest of the day.

The practices change from class to class with subject to subject where a student learns most from teacher, group practice and individual learning. A nap in the afternoon kicks away their crankiness. Meanwhile, the story sessions are to induce values, morals and ethics right from the tender age.

Ready, set, pile on!

MobIncentive, a site that allows people to set up an incentive for getting something done and let everyone else in the world pile on to the idea, went live yesterday.

How does it work? People submit things theyd like to see happen. Take, for example, a party for Seattle tech startups later this summer. If enough people agree to contribute, it will happen. (Given that $70 has been committed in less than 24 hours, Id say well be partying in August!)

MobIncentive was created by Andrew Lin and Brian Sabino of Forty Seeds. Congratulations on the launch, and well see you at the party.

The Startup Project

Amazon Web Services and Madrona Venture Group are hosting The Startup Project at PravdaStudios Loft in Seattle on Thursday, April 26th. This should be an interesting look at how startups are leveraging Amazons infrastructure.

Amazons Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) are a powerful combination, especially with the ability to mount S3 as a filesystem in EC2 (though Id still like to see a database service added to the equation).

This isnt the first time Madrona and Amazon have worked together. Madrona helped fund Amazon. Tom Alberg, a Director at Madrona, serves on Amazons board. And at least one startup Madrona funded was acquired by Amazon. So an event hosted by the two together should be all the more interesting.

Whether youre new to Amazon Web Services, or attending primarily to meet interesting people in the Seattle area, it should be a great event. Dont forget to RSVP!

Noonhat is about meeting people over lunch

Still working out your lunch plans for the week? Take a look at Noonhat. The new Seattle-based site is for everyone who wants to have interesting lunchtime conversations with new people.

The idea is simple. Select a day youre available for lunch and how far youre willing to travel. Noonhat will send you an email on the morning you selected matching you with two or more people. Agree on a place to eat by email, and come ready to have an interesting conversation. (Feel free to invite a friend or two along as well!)

The site was created by Brian Dorsey. Ive run into Brian at Ignite and MindCamp events in the past, and can say if hes any indication of the folks youll meet, Noonhat should be a hit. Congratulations to Brian on launching the beta!