Tips on How to Maintain Perm Hair in Singapore

Tips on How to Maintain Perm Hair in Singapore

The day you walk out of the salon after perming your hair is probably one of your best hair days. If only you could maintain the same look every single day. Unfortunately, with Singapore’s humid weather, it is challenging to retain the curls, or even the style for longer than a day, if you are lucky to have it on for that long. Fortunately, there is no need for you to give up on stylish hairdos because of the weather. You can take several steps to maintain attractive perm hair in Singapore for longer than expected.

We would highly encourage this hair perm Singapore if you have not tried to perm your hair yet.

Pre and Post-perm treatments

Although it is assumed that your hair only looks great on the day you walk out of the salon, the care you give your hair before and after the perm plays a critical role on how well your hair looks, even on days you walk out of your house without giving much attention to your hair.

Before perming your hair, you should visit your stylist to have the split ends chopped off. This will help your hair to become fuller after the perm, and keep it from becoming dry and frizzy after a few days. If you already have a date when you will perm your hair, avoid deep conditioning your hair two or three days before. The reason you avoid deep conditioning your hair before perming it is that the chemicals may not work effectively on the individual strands.

Visit your stylist days before the scheduled perm

If you are considering perm hair for the first time, it is best to consult with the stylist to determine the best time for you to perm it. If you have just dyed or highlighted your hair, your stylist will likely recommend that you wait a few more days to protect your hair from damage. It is also a great idea to visit your stylist for advice before you perm your hair. Sometimes damaged hair needs to be cut or moisturized for several weeks before you perm it.

Buy products for home treatment

Although it is best to visit the salon to have your hair handled by a professional, sometimes you may not afford to visit the salon because your budget will not allow it, or because you do not have the time. To play it safe, get hair treatments, moisturizers, and shampoos. When you wash your hair, it is best to use lukewarm to cold water as opposed to hot water which dries out your hair, which has natural oils from the scalp and on the hair strands.

Use a wide-toothed comb instead of heat

Most people assume that the only way you can retain your curls is if you use heat on your hair. Using heat regularly will eventually damage your hair. Instead, invest in a great wide-toothed comb instead of using a brush. If you use rubber bands to hold your hair in place, especially when you do not want your hair in the way of what you are doing, it is time to replace those with fabric-covered ties. This is because you lose hair strands to rubber bands every time you loosen your hair. In the long run, this habit that may seem harmless may cause more hair damage than you think.

Use products for your hair type

Although some people assume what works on one Singaporean’s hair will work for another, this is not true. Different perm chemicals and treatments have been specially prepared for different hair types. For example, someone with thick hair will not use the same chemical when perming with another who has thin hair. If you have no idea of the product to use, you can discuss your options with your stylist.

Although maintaining your perm hair in the humid Singapore weather can be tricky sometimes, the regular use of the right products will help your hair to become resilient to the loss of moisture. It is also vital for you to spare time for the care of your hair. Knowing that the failure to do this will affect your hair adversely will push you to take the necessary steps to protect your scalp and hair. You will also save the trips to the salon if your hair looks and feels healthy.

Where to find the Best Cake Shops in Singapore




Where to find the Best Cake Shops in Singapore

Many of us love cakes. We cannot deny the fact that cakes are one of the favourite foods of not just children, but almost everyone. That is the reason why having a bake shop, a cake shop, or a café is a successful business that you could try. In this article, we are going to look into some of the best cake shops where we could buy cakes for different occasions. In addition, these are also places where we could have meals and perfect places for small dates with family and friends.

In an article by Marchh Media, we are going to see 15 of the best birthday cake shops in Singapore.

15 Best Birthday Cake Shops in Singapore

A birthday party is never complete without a birthday cake. If you are cracking your head over planning a friend’s birthday celebration, why not start with the limelight of the show: the glorious and sinful cake. There is no better way to make him or her smile than with an aesthetically-pleasing yet awfully tasty birthday cake. Here are our recommendations on where to hunt for this mandatory sweet treat. Read more here.

It’s true that you now don’t have to worry about choosing a birthday cake for the people you love because we have these birthday cake shops to provide us with it. If you love chocolate, they have it together with other cake flavours you can indulge yourselves into. If you love cheese, Singapore cheesecake shop is one of those shops that you can look into to get your birthday cake. They have delicious and colourful looking cakes which don’t seem like something you could it at all, but anyways these are cakes that you can have on all occasions. Now, Cheryl Tan will give us 10 additional bakers where we could get cakes and desserts.

10 Bakers In Singapore Where You Can Get Bespoke Cakes & Desserts

People always have the impressions that cakes are only for birthdays, but you can always get cakes for other occasions; and if cakes are too heavy, why not have smaller desserts like macarons and cupcakes?

But, if you don’t want to get desserts that look like they are bought of the shelves, try getting them from one of these bakers and stand out from the rest of your friends.

Go crazy with all the customisation options, from colours to designs and even piped flowers! Read more here.

If you love unique and colourful looking cakes, then these are the places to be. There are different designs which include flowers like roses and tulips, different characters, and many more which really look amazing like that whisky bottle cake. These are not the typical cakes because these are one of a kind and you might have not even seen them before.  Now, The Best Singapore will also give us 5 more best cake shops in Singapore.


A small sliced cake for a delightful afternoon tea. A big whole cake for a memorable special occasion. In our life, we have cake as a bridge connecting our every moment to happiness.

With our guide to the best cake shops in Singapore, you now have no excuse for not buying yourself a piece of happiness or bringing a smile to your loved one faces. Read more here.

Wow! Those cakes are really mouth-watering. The images really look so delicious. The highlights of each cake shop are given and you can see a full review of them so that we could have a look at what other people think about the place and the food. As we have read above, they don’t only offer cakes because they also have teas and other meals which are perfect for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With everything that was given above, we can now have a lot of choices for different occasions or when we just want to have a small talk or catching up with friends.


Different Methods of Solving Math Problems


In the past everyone will remember how it was during math class; you watched the teacher solve a sum on the board and did your best to understand it and then copy down the exact method with a fear that is the method was wrong you would not get a good grade during exams. However, the same method of solving a math problem wasn’t always the right method for everyone. This is what math enrichment centres are beginning to understand today. These centres test the child in advance so as to know the level at which they currently are and they help them choose a method of solving problems that is most suited to the students. Here are a few methods of solving math problems that your child will likely learn if enrolled in a math enrichment centre.

Problem Solving Strategy

This method is used in the case of word problems. The child asks a series of questions and finds those answers in the word problem provided and is able to solve the sum easily. The questions that the child asks includes

  1. What is known or given?
  2. What information do you need?
  3. Draw a diagram or a picture that represents the problem.

Solution Strategy

In this method the child will first label the variables in the sum. They then move forward to make a verbal model with the use of logical reasoning. This is then converted into an algebraic model which can be solved and the answer can be checked.

Solving Word Problems

Word problems can be solved in a number of ways. Another method for solving word problems includes the child identifying what is being asked; strategize what is needed for that sum; write down the equation; answer the question and then recheck.

Guess and Check Strategy

In this method the sum can be solved mentally and you guess the answer this is then checked to see if it matches the requirements.

Find a Pattern

This method is usually used at the intermediate level where there are questions that require you to guess what the next number in the series will be or to choose the shape that would come next. In these types of sums it is essential that the child finds the right pattern or relationship in the series.

Opposed to popular belief all these methods are equally right when it comes to solving math problems.

Why Kindergarten Education Makes A Difference To The Child

The why factor

It all starts with the many parents who say that early education indeed is an obstacle to the growth of a happy kid. Most parents feel that kindergarten school is like stuffing the kid with books and knowledge. However, this is a misconception. Gone are the days where students are suddenly bombarded with alphabets to phonetics and numeric to language. The current education system has evolved from a phase of studying to fun learning.

It helped the early school education or the kindergarten schools to gain a lot of prominence when it comes to helping kids acquire an overall development. Many scientific councils from across the globe proved from their study on child development that a child can grasp things and acquire complex skills at the tender preschool age rather than the later. This clearly mentions that basic education with strong foundation and ease of learning should be started at the right age.

Impact on children –

Children will always find an ocean of opportunities from nowhere. If you leave them in the empty field of mud, they make toys. If you put them together without stimuli, they’ll create their own game and have a blas. Enroll them into a class of adults and they draw attention. Every possible corner of their mind is made out exceptionally creative and covered with skills. As a parent and as a teacher, it is your responsibility to sharpen that creativity and un-cover their skills to push them into the world and let them stand always a cut above the rest.

And when does one do that? At every stage and phase of a kid’s life. Understanding the change in scenarios and system of education, one should be open to the abundant options available in helping the system to transform these kids to better citizens tomorrow. In the early days, early education was limited to learning things from books and presenting it in an assessment. No! Nowadays, to learn the basic ABCs is also made fun and effective so that the student learns something from their class at the end of the day.

Practices that are making a difference –

Most schools make it a part of their curriculum to have a syllabus that helps them to compete with the life the kids are going to face in future. The day starts with a nice meditation and a little exercise. It rejuvenates and removes that little lazy feeling a morning holds. Then, slowly, the class starts with something creative like an art – it could be singing, dancing or even painting. It helps the kid get prepared for the lessons they are going to take up for the rest of the day.

The practices change from class to class with subject to subject where a student learns most from teacher, group practice and individual learning. A nap in the afternoon kicks away their crankiness. Meanwhile, the story sessions are to induce values, morals and ethics right from the tender age.

Ready, set, pile on!

MobIncentive, a site that allows people to set up an incentive for getting something done and let everyone else in the world pile on to the idea, went live yesterday.

How does it work? People submit things theyd like to see happen. Take, for example, a party for Seattle tech startups later this summer. If enough people agree to contribute, it will happen. (Given that $70 has been committed in less than 24 hours, Id say well be partying in August!)

MobIncentive was created by Andrew Lin and Brian Sabino of Forty Seeds. Congratulations on the launch, and well see you at the party.

The Startup Project

Amazon Web Services and Madrona Venture Group are hosting The Startup Project at PravdaStudios Loft in Seattle on Thursday, April 26th. This should be an interesting look at how startups are leveraging Amazons infrastructure.

Amazons Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) are a powerful combination, especially with the ability to mount S3 as a filesystem in EC2 (though Id still like to see a database service added to the equation).

This isnt the first time Madrona and Amazon have worked together. Madrona helped fund Amazon. Tom Alberg, a Director at Madrona, serves on Amazons board. And at least one startup Madrona funded was acquired by Amazon. So an event hosted by the two together should be all the more interesting.

Whether youre new to Amazon Web Services, or attending primarily to meet interesting people in the Seattle area, it should be a great event. Dont forget to RSVP!

Noonhat is about meeting people over lunch

Still working out your lunch plans for the week? Take a look at Noonhat. The new Seattle-based site is for everyone who wants to have interesting lunchtime conversations with new people.

The idea is simple. Select a day youre available for lunch and how far youre willing to travel. Noonhat will send you an email on the morning you selected matching you with two or more people. Agree on a place to eat by email, and come ready to have an interesting conversation. (Feel free to invite a friend or two along as well!)

The site was created by Brian Dorsey. Ive run into Brian at Ignite and MindCamp events in the past, and can say if hes any indication of the folks youll meet, Noonhat should be a hit. Congratulations to Brian on launching the beta!