How to Get the Best Photos of Your Newborn Baby

Now that you have booked a newborn shoot in Singapore, you must be overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to get the best shots. Since babies grow so fast and their features change as the weeks go by, you have a limited period to get the images. You also need to have an idea of some of the poses you’d like, even though most photographers would have suggestions. Besides planning some of the shots, you should also let the baby be an inspiration. It could be the way he or she moves, smiles, yawns, or stretches. Babies have impressive, sweet movements that will strike the perfect pose for a frame.

In the following article, the writer looks at some of the famous photography studios in Singapore and what makes them the best for your newborn’s photo session.

Qualities of a Good Photography Studio for Your Newborn

If you live in Singapore and are looking for the perfect studio to do your newborn baby photography, this guide is meant for you. In this piece, we’ll look at thirty-one of the best newborn photography studios in Singapore so you get that newborn photoshoot you deserve.

By following the information in this guide, you’ll be able to make lasting memories of your precious newborn child. Because the newborn stage is so brief, it’s important that you act quickly to book your appointment. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top thirty-three newborn photography studios in Singapore! Read more here

When choosing a studio to take care of your newborn’s first photo shoot, you need to confirm that they have indeed worked with newborns. Your baby’s photo session is not just about taking shots of your baby sleeping, but how to capture every unique aspect of your newborn’s expressions and mood. Only a professional can anticipate the changes in your baby’s movements and how to capture that fleeting moment. You also need a studio with the patience to understand when you need to take time to soothe your baby or even reschedule because you never know what your newborn will be like on any given day.

Iris Tan, in the following article, looks at the top studios in Singapore, and why they stand out from the rest.

Benefits of Going to a Studio for Your Newborn’s Photos

Before you become overwhelmed by midnight feeds and constant nappy changes, why not schedule a newborn photoshoot session for you and your little bub? Newborn photography is all the rage in Singapore right now. More parents are willing to splurge on professional photoshoots to capture their child’s early days. If this sounds like something you’d like to do with your growing family, keep reading to discover some of the best newborn photography studios in Singapore! Read more here

Lighting is critical for great shots, and studios are designed to incorporate different types of lighting for various portrait sessions. Another advantage is you don’t have to change your house setting to create space for equipment and the best area for your newborn’s photos. Plus, the first few days with a newborn at home can be difficult, especially as you try to come up with a routine. So, you’ll be happy not to disturb your space by going to the studio where everything is already set up.

The writer of the following article in explores the top photo studios in Singapore and their unique traits that make them ideal for your newborn’s first professionally taken photos.

Why You Should Schedule Your Newborn’s Photoshoot Soon After Birth

Becoming a parent brings so many emotions, the greatest of which is happiness. While it’s easier to snap selfies so you can look back on this milestone with your newborn, you can also let professionals do the job for you to make these moments more special.

Here are some of the best baby photography studios in Singapore to help you preserve your first memories with your little one. Read more here

Timing is critical when choosing when to have your newborn’s first photoshoot. The first and second weeks after birth are most suitable because the baby sleeps for long hours, and most shots of newborns in a deep sleep are breathtaking. During this time, photographers also have an easier time working the tiny bodies of newborns. Although you also need your rest when the baby sleeps, taking an hour or two out of your day to get it done as the baby rests will ultimately be more convenient than doing it at a later time.

It is never too soon to start collecting memories of your newborn. If possible, schedule the photoshoot before birth since your favorite studio might already be overwhelmed with bookings so it might be best to get in line as early as possible.

Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Should Book a Family Convocation Photoshoot

Have you been procrastinating choosing a convocation photoshoot package because you feel it is not really important? If this is true, you should rethink your decision.

A convocation ceremony is a memorable event that marks your achievement of an important milestone. Taking photos on your big day is a great way to celebrate your achievements and capture key moments of your convocation ceremony.

Even if you have a great phone or camera, you shouldn’t take your convocation photos yourself. The reason for this is that you lack the intricate skills and techniques required to take high-quality pictures.

The best thing you can do is to choose a convocation photoshoot package at any of the photography studios in Singapore. Find out more about White Room Studio’s available convocation photoshoot packages here.

The following article by Bambini photography shed light on some compelling reason why graduating students should take their convocation photoshoot seriously.

4 Reasons Why Graduation Photoshoot is a Big Deal

Many of you might be thinking of doing a graduation photo shoot, or simply been tasked by your parents to find a studio for this…The brief to you could be… “We need to get your graduation photoshoot done and update the family portrait to put up on the wall…please find a studio that can do that” You scratch your head and think…”Erm.. I’m not sure if I want to do the photoshoot though….“ For those of you who are looking for something more FUN while having some formal setting to please your parents… please read on… Read more here.

You surely now know a couple of reasons why you should take your convocation photoshoot seriously. You also now know that the pictures you take on your convocation day can be used for numerous purposes; months and years after your convocation. If you are looking for a studio that offers a budget-friendly convocation photoshoot package, you should read the next article carefully.

The following article by Shutterturf unveils some of the best photo studios in Singapore.  

25 Top Photo Studios in Singapore (2020}

Whether you are looking to memorialize your child’s newborn days or need a corporate makeover session for your company, the right photograph can help you get what you need. In this guide, we’ll go over thirty-five of the best photo studios in Singapore. With services ranging from graduation photography to maternity shoots, newborn photoshoots, these studios have you covered no matter what type of photograph you need. Fortunately, there are several quality photo studios in Singapore ready to help you get just what you are looking for. In recent decades, Singapore has become a hotspot of international photography, with several homegrown and international photographers choosing the city-state as their place of business. Read more here.

You definitely now know a thing or two about some of the best photo studios in Singapore. These studios were able to make a name for themselves because they have high standards and are ready to go the extra mile to put a smile on the face of their customers. You won’t regret visiting any of them.

The following article by Orangestudios discusses the experience of one family who took a family graduation photo.

A time for celebration | Graduation Family Photography

It is not often you come across a larger-than-usual family. Most of the families we photograph at our studio are usually families of 4 or 5. So when we received a request from a family of 7 (*gasps*), we were thrilled – we love challenges! Well, this lovely family’s session wasn’t that challenging actually. All of them were really excited for their photoshoot, and we had as much fun as they did. We actually wished we had more time on the set with them! Definitely one of our favourite family portrait sessions.  Read more here.

The above article has likely helped you understand why taking a convocation picture is important. The article also brought to life the delightful experience of one family who took a family graduation pictures at one of the leading studios in Singapore. The truth is that the benefits associated with taking convocation pictures are endless; you just got to try it and see.


As your convocation day draws near, you must make all the necessary preparations.

Choosing a convocation photoshoot package is one of the key things you should do to ensure that you have a great time and capture some of the best moments of your graduation ceremony.

Even if other graduating students write off or procrastinate choosing a convocation photography package, you should not do the same, as they may regret their decision in the future.

Best Studios in Singapore for Affordable Convocation Photoshoot Packages

Is your convocation coming up soon? Are you looking for a studio that offers budget-friendly photoshoot packages? If you answered yes to both questions, this article is for you.

As you likely know, most students want their graduation photos taken by professional photographers from top-tier studios like Serangoon Broadway. But because of the high pces of their photoshoot packages, many students forgo them and opt for studios whose photoshoot package price is within their budget range.

Because there are so many studios in Singapore, it is difficult for graduating students to narrow down to good photo studios with affordable convocation photoshoot packages. This article was written to help make your search easier, as it unveils some studios in Singapore that offer budget-friendly convocation photoshoots.

The following article by Rebecca Liew sheds light on some of the best university convocation photography studios in Singapore.

Top 8 University Convocation Photography Studios in Singapore

If your family’s anything like mine, then arranging to have cheesy photos taken in a studio probably wouldn’t be a priority. Heck, my parents paid an amateur photographer $60 for a godawful shot of me collecting my scroll on-stage, my face flushed and puffy — no thanks to the effects of hay fever. Yep, definitely one of my best moments. Yet you’ll find a slew of studios offering graduation photography and academic dress rental services around Singapore, starting with Serangoon Broadway. Here’re alternatives to consider for those on a budget. Read more here.

The above article is a must-read for convocating students who are on a budget, as it unveils some great studios with affordable photoshoot packages. Besides taking pictures, you can also rent gowns and make your hair at some of these studios. Check out the alternatives listed in the next article.

The following article by Jeanne Mah unveils some alternative photo studios to Serangoon Broadway.

University Convocation 2019: Here Are 6 Alternatives to Serangoon Broadway You Can Consider

One size doesn’t always fit all. Here are other studios with something different to offer from the de-facto choice of Serangoon Broadway. Since the 1990s, Serangoon Broadway has grown to become a household name for graduating students who want to take photos with their families. It has also become the default place for most to-be graduates to collect their graduation gown. It is hence not surprising that most would choose to take photos in the same place due to convenience. However, some of us might want digital copies. Others might want to shift away from conventional studio photography. Above all, we are all seeking for the most wallet-friendly option. Hence, we have shortlisted 6 other studios you can consider to capture this monumental moment of your life. Read more here.

Surely, you now know some photo studio alternatives to Serangoon Broadway, like Gloria Photo Studio, Instant Glamour, EO digital photo, and Bespoke photography. Before choosing among them, make sure you do a little research to learn the price of the convocation photoshoot packages they offer and their booking process. Check out the following article if you are looking for a studio that specializes in taking family photos.

The following article by kiasuparents shed light on some popular studios in Singapore specialising in taking family pictures.

Any recommendations on family photoshoot at the studio?

Hi, any recommendations on studios for family photos? We did ours twice at Berryhappy. 1st time was during my 2nd pregnancy & 2nd time was 1yr+ later w the entire clan of 11 adults & 12 kids. That was really challenging! Read more here.

You definitely now know some good studios in Singapore where you can do your family photoshoot. Needless to say, these studios are great and have amazing reviews. But before choosing among them, it is wise that you first do your research to learn about their pricing, the various packages they offer, and a few other things. You will be glad you did in the long run.

Final note

Convocation is an especially important ceremony and should be taken seriously. Besides renting a great gown or doing your hair, another way to prepare for your big day is by finding a studio that can capture key moments of your big day.

Opting for just any photography studio is by no means a good idea, as they may lack the technical know-how and equipment to take jaw-dropping photos. The best course of action, therefore, is to hire a professional photographer from any of the leading studios in Singapore.

While you are there, look through at their convocation photoshoot packages, ask questions for more information and opt for the one that fits into your budget range and personality.

Different Methods of Solving Math Problems


In the past everyone will remember how it was during math class; you watched the teacher solve a sum on the board and did your best to understand it and then copy down the exact method with a fear that is the method was wrong you would not get a good grade during exams. However, the same method of solving a math problem wasn’t always the right method for everyone. This is what math enrichment centres are beginning to understand today. These centres test the child in advance so as to know the level at which they currently are and they help them choose a method of solving problems that is most suited to the students. Here are a few methods of solving math problems that your child will likely learn if enrolled in a math enrichment centre.

Problem Solving Strategy

This method is used in the case of word problems. The child asks a series of questions and finds those answers in the word problem provided and is able to solve the sum easily. The questions that the child asks includes

  1. What is known or given?
  2. What information do you need?
  3. Draw a diagram or a picture that represents the problem.

Solution Strategy

In this method the child will first label the variables in the sum. They then move forward to make a verbal model with the use of logical reasoning. This is then converted into an algebraic model which can be solved and the answer can be checked.

Solving Word Problems

Word problems can be solved in a number of ways. Another method for solving word problems includes the child identifying what is being asked; strategize what is needed for that sum; write down the equation; answer the question and then recheck.

Guess and Check Strategy

In this method the sum can be solved mentally and you guess the answer this is then checked to see if it matches the requirements.

Find a Pattern

This method is usually used at the intermediate level where there are questions that require you to guess what the next number in the series will be or to choose the shape that would come next. In these types of sums it is essential that the child finds the right pattern or relationship in the series.

Opposed to popular belief all these methods are equally right when it comes to solving math problems.

Why Kindergarten Education Makes A Difference To The Child

The why factor

It all starts with the many parents who say that early education indeed is an obstacle to the growth of a happy kid. Most parents feel that kindergarten school is like stuffing the kid with books and knowledge. However, this is a misconception. Gone are the days where students are suddenly bombarded with alphabets to phonetics and numeric to language. The current education system has evolved from a phase of studying to fun learning.

It helped the early school education or the kindergarten schools to gain a lot of prominence when it comes to helping kids acquire an overall development. Many scientific councils from across the globe proved from their study on child development that a child can grasp things and acquire complex skills at the tender preschool age rather than the later. This clearly mentions that basic education with strong foundation and ease of learning should be started at the right age.

Impact on children –

Children will always find an ocean of opportunities from nowhere. If you leave them in the empty field of mud, they make toys. If you put them together without stimuli, they’ll create their own game and have a blas. Enroll them into a class of adults and they draw attention. Every possible corner of their mind is made out exceptionally creative and covered with skills. As a parent and as a teacher, it is your responsibility to sharpen that creativity and un-cover their skills to push them into the world and let them stand always a cut above the rest.

And when does one do that? At every stage and phase of a kid’s life. Understanding the change in scenarios and system of education, one should be open to the abundant options available in helping the system to transform these kids to better citizens tomorrow. In the early days, early education was limited to learning things from books and presenting it in an assessment. No! Nowadays, to learn the basic ABCs is also made fun and effective so that the student learns something from their class at the end of the day.

Practices that are making a difference –

Most schools make it a part of their curriculum to have a syllabus that helps them to compete with the life the kids are going to face in future. The day starts with a nice meditation and a little exercise. It rejuvenates and removes that little lazy feeling a morning holds. Then, slowly, the class starts with something creative like an art – it could be singing, dancing or even painting. It helps the kid get prepared for the lessons they are going to take up for the rest of the day.

The practices change from class to class with subject to subject where a student learns most from teacher, group practice and individual learning. A nap in the afternoon kicks away their crankiness. Meanwhile, the story sessions are to induce values, morals and ethics right from the tender age.

Ready, set, pile on!

MobIncentive, a site that allows people to set up an incentive for getting something done and let everyone else in the world pile on to the idea, went live yesterday.

How does it work? People submit things theyd like to see happen. Take, for example, a party for Seattle tech startups later this summer. If enough people agree to contribute, it will happen. (Given that $70 has been committed in less than 24 hours, Id say well be partying in August!)

MobIncentive was created by Andrew Lin and Brian Sabino of Forty Seeds. Congratulations on the launch, and well see you at the party.

The Startup Project

Amazon Web Services and Madrona Venture Group are hosting The Startup Project at PravdaStudios Loft in Seattle on Thursday, April 26th. This should be an interesting look at how startups are leveraging Amazons infrastructure.

Amazons Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) are a powerful combination, especially with the ability to mount S3 as a filesystem in EC2 (though Id still like to see a database service added to the equation).

This isnt the first time Madrona and Amazon have worked together. Madrona helped fund Amazon. Tom Alberg, a Director at Madrona, serves on Amazons board. And at least one startup Madrona funded was acquired by Amazon. So an event hosted by the two together should be all the more interesting.

Whether youre new to Amazon Web Services, or attending primarily to meet interesting people in the Seattle area, it should be a great event. Dont forget to RSVP!

Noonhat is about meeting people over lunch

Still working out your lunch plans for the week? Take a look at Noonhat. The new Seattle-based site is for everyone who wants to have interesting lunchtime conversations with new people.

The idea is simple. Select a day youre available for lunch and how far youre willing to travel. Noonhat will send you an email on the morning you selected matching you with two or more people. Agree on a place to eat by email, and come ready to have an interesting conversation. (Feel free to invite a friend or two along as well!)

The site was created by Brian Dorsey. Ive run into Brian at Ignite and MindCamp events in the past, and can say if hes any indication of the folks youll meet, Noonhat should be a hit. Congratulations to Brian on launching the beta!