Where to find the Best Cake Shops in Singapore




Where to find the Best Cake Shops in Singapore

Many of us love cakes. We cannot deny the fact that cakes are one of the favourite foods of not just children, but almost everyone. That is the reason why having a bake shop, a cake shop, or a café is a successful business that you could try. In this article, we are going to look into some of the best cake shops where we could buy cakes for different occasions. In addition, these are also places where we could have meals and perfect places for small dates with family and friends.

In an article by Marchh Media, we are going to see 15 of the best birthday cake shops in Singapore.

15 Best Birthday Cake Shops in Singapore

A birthday party is never complete without a birthday cake. If you are cracking your head over planning a friend’s birthday celebration, why not start with the limelight of the show: the glorious and sinful cake. There is no better way to make him or her smile than with an aesthetically-pleasing yet awfully tasty birthday cake. Here are our recommendations on where to hunt for this mandatory sweet treat. Read more here.

It’s true that you now don’t have to worry about choosing a birthday cake for the people you love because we have these birthday cake shops to provide us with it. If you love chocolate, they have it together with other cake flavours you can indulge yourselves into. If you love cheese, Singapore cheesecake shop is one of those shops that you can look into to get your birthday cake. They have delicious and colourful looking cakes which don’t seem like something you could it at all, but anyways these are cakes that you can have on all occasions. Now, Cheryl Tan will give us 10 additional bakers where we could get cakes and desserts.

10 Bakers In Singapore Where You Can Get Bespoke Cakes & Desserts

People always have the impressions that cakes are only for birthdays, but you can always get cakes for other occasions; and if cakes are too heavy, why not have smaller desserts like macarons and cupcakes?

But, if you don’t want to get desserts that look like they are bought of the shelves, try getting them from one of these bakers and stand out from the rest of your friends.

Go crazy with all the customisation options, from colours to designs and even piped flowers! Read more here.

If you love unique and colourful looking cakes, then these are the places to be. There are different designs which include flowers like roses and tulips, different characters, and many more which really look amazing like that whisky bottle cake. These are not the typical cakes because these are one of a kind and you might have not even seen them before.  Now, The Best Singapore will also give us 5 more best cake shops in Singapore.


A small sliced cake for a delightful afternoon tea. A big whole cake for a memorable special occasion. In our life, we have cake as a bridge connecting our every moment to happiness.

With our guide to the best cake shops in Singapore, you now have no excuse for not buying yourself a piece of happiness or bringing a smile to your loved one faces. Read more here.

Wow! Those cakes are really mouth-watering. The images really look so delicious. The highlights of each cake shop are given and you can see a full review of them so that we could have a look at what other people think about the place and the food. As we have read above, they don’t only offer cakes because they also have teas and other meals which are perfect for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With everything that was given above, we can now have a lot of choices for different occasions or when we just want to have a small talk or catching up with friends.